Hi, thank you for stopping by!

My name is Luz Martinez and I am the creator and founder of Dispatch Wellness. I am a dispatcher of 11 years and a mom of two preteens. Also a Nutrition Coach, and a Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation Teacher based out of Los Angeles County, California. It is worth mentioning that I love chips and guac and battle my curly hair every day. And that if you were to ask me what the most important lesson I have learned in my life is, I would answer, that it is to get back up every time we fall.

I created Dispatch Wellness in an effort to create a safe space for dispatchers to connect and together tend to our wellness. My work on this platform is deeply inspired by my experience as a dispatcher, my own personal healing from life traumas, the wild challenge that it is to work in a profession so demanding of our inner resources and still show up for our responsibilities outside of work as parent/child of aging parents/sibling/friend/partner, and of course my extensive training in the areas of: Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness.

That said my biggest inspiration for this work is YOU and your brave efforts in such a demanding profession. I hope you find something here that helps, if even a little bit, to get back up and continue on your journey.

with wishes of wellness, Luz

p.s. I am always happy to hear from you and answer emails personally. Drop me a line or two or one hundred if you have any questions, comments and/or greetings. Please allow 3 business days for a reply. My email is info@dispatchwellness.com