Dispatcher Multi-State Courses

An opportunity for Dispatchers outside of California to take Dispatch Wellness Courses. This opportunity offers dispatchers the benefits of the courses regardless of what state they serve**

 Dispatch Wellness classes are held in limited-size classes to ensure participation and participant connection. Only ten spaces are available per session; register below to claim your spot or the spot for a dispatcher in your center. Courses are held in live interactive webinar format.

February’s Session Is Full

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Students who attend this class will learn concepts and applications of simple mindfulness tools to help with stressors of the job and increase wellness and resilience. Research shows that amongst its many benefits mindfulness can help reduce stress, reduce emotional reactivity, and increase the ability to participate in the present moment. Created specifically for dispatchers taking into account the stressors of the job. 

 Tuition: $125.00

**Must be an active public safety dispatcher or work in a public safety dispatch center-related position (managers, administrative supervisors, and dispatch support staff welcome). Please note this special edition does not issue CA POST hours (CPTs); if you are a dispatcher in California, please head to https://dispatchwellness.com/post/ for registration.