Luz Martinez is a Wellness Advocate, Writer, Teacher, and a Personal and Executive Coach working with individuals and organizations to find solutions that take into consideration personal and collective wellness. She has over twenty years of experience working with the public including 15 years working for local government of which 12 years were spent as a 911 Dispatcher. Earning many commendations for her interactions with the public and for assisting in high intensity situations.

The merit closest to her heart in her experience as a 911 Dispatcher is a recognition earned in 2019 for being able to use her fluent Spanish to help save a baby’s life. Doing so by staying on the line and helping with translation for timely CPR instructions. That call was a reminder and testament of why she fell in love with dispatching in the first place: because it is a profession that allows to make a difference and play a vital role in the wellbeing of the community.

Alongside her experience dispatching, Luz is a certified Nutrition Coach and has over 600 hours of formal training as a yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teacher. She completed Level 1 AICC Certification through POST at the Riverside Sheriff’s Academy. Her minor studies are in Business Administration from Instituto Tecnológico de Celaya, Mexico. She had the opportunity of living in Mexico for 6 years (during high school and college) and considers that an eye-opening experience that allows her to connect with others on a deeper level. She resides in Los Angeles County, California with her two children.