Four Favorite CALNENA Conference Takeaways

This past week I attended the CALNENA annual conference, and I would like to share my four biggest takeaways with links to the resources included as a celebration of sharing information, resources, and education.

First and foremost, and perhaps in itself would be more than enough, hearing updates from CALOES and remembering the importance of their resources at

Second, and here I am biased because it is personally meaningful; it was an honor and joy to have had the opportunity to share sustainable wellness practices for dispatchers—especially sharing movement in the mornings. More and more, we know that in order to function well, we need to get physical movement that can be done consistently. I will be teaching a gentle movement class online for dispatchers. Sign up to receive updates at

Third, the wonderful work done by the CALNENA board was a reminder that it is dispatchers coming together to better our industry that really shines!!!

Fourth but not least, Monday’s keynote speaker Wajahat Ali reminded me of how important it is to get to know each other better to be able to understand each other better. His honest sharing about his life struggles inspired me to continue getting to know as many other first responders as possible.