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“Mindfulness has changed my life in more ways than one.”

I wrote the referenced blog post almost two years ago, although it has been true for much longer and remains true today; I suspect it will always remain true. Even when, of course, things continue to change. Ya know what they say about the only constant in our lives…

Now let me be clear, I’m not always patient, patience is not a factory setting for me, and I still lose my bananas sometimes.

But there are moments, sometimes very slight, and sometimes very mighty, where I am able to proceed from my deepest values instead of from my deepest annoyances or frustrations or whatever else would have led the way if I didn’t “give it a beat and a breath.”

I’m grateful when I recognize these moments, as well as when I recognize myself laughing so loudly with my two kiddos and being so very present with them. They are growing up so quickly, and I missed so much for so many reasons; when I am able to fully see them and let them know I am fully there, it means so much. And while we can never turn back time, we can try to be here, now, today, in all we do, for work and for our loved ones.

Mindfulness is a tool (not the only tool) that can help us with being our best selves.

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