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To All Veterans

A few years ago I couldn’t find a poem that expressed how I felt, so I wrote one.

Dedicated to one particular veteran, who will always live in my heart, and with love for all veterans everywhere. #VeteransDay2022

To All Veterans
Including the ones
Closest to my heart

A Solemn thank you
A heartfelt thank you
A bring me to my knees thank you

For your sacrifice
For your willingness to pay the price
We missed you
So often we missed you
When you were far away
So far away

There were days we wished you weren’t so willing
And even then, you didn’t falter
There were days we wished it wasn’t you
And even then, you didn’t falter

You were always near us
Always near me
I could always see you
And feel you too

Because you are always present
In our freedom
In our breath
In the peace, while we sleep
In the things we had once taken for granted

-Luz Martinez, 11/11/2019