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Offering afternoon training classes

She asked me if I would be offering training classes in the afternoons.

I answered something to express that I really hadn’t figured out a schedule that accommodated those who worked nights AND stayed a viable training solution (the million-dollar question in centers across the whole wide world).

The conversation came back to me a couple of days later. All of my graveyard shifts. My swing shifts. The so often messed-up sleep trying to switch back to a 9-5 world off and on. I sent another reply expressing that I would be offering afternoon classes starting in October. She cheered me on! 

Is the schedule perfect? Probably not. Is there such thing as a perfect schedule? Probably not. Not for first responders anyway (and all dispatchers are first responders). 

I strive to serve dispatchers as best I can while keeping in mind the realities of the profession; I am lucky to have friends who ask me questions and help me shed light on areas of growth. Like a more varied schedule! ON IT. Work in progress. 

The California POST Certified training courses for dispatchers offered by Dispatch Wellness now include 1400-2300 PST options for those who would prefer that choice.

Visit this link for training dates and times available.

This link is for a free consultation on how to bring Dispatch Wellness to your center (in or out of Cali).

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