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A Dispatcher’s Christmas Story

As our twelve-year-olds roasted marshmallows, I told my friends about how for 12 years, I had not had a Christmas off. At least not that I could remember.

My friends made “I can’t believe it” sounds.

What do you mean you worked every Christmas? they asked.

Yes! I worked almost every holiday, I answered.

And then, as the bonfire crackled, I smiled and added-

Dispatching is a beautiful service. A service I deeply believe in. And I will always cherish every part of those twelve precious.

I am also committed to always remembering the deep commitment and sacrifice of first responders, which all dispatchers are! So to you who are working this holiday. To you who have missed sleep. To you who have rushed to work after presents. Thank you for your service. Thank you for being there for those who need you, even when it means leaving those you love.

Luz Martinez
Founder, Dispatch Wellness

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