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Cookies, cookies, cookies. But do we have to make ourselves feel bad for eating treats?

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It’s not an easy season to eat well. And let’s face it, the conditions in the dispatch center do not help. So what do we do? Is there something else other than eating the cookies and then beating ourselves up for eating the cookies (or whatever it is) and through beating ourselves up making ourselves feel bad?

Yes, actually, there is an option! Choice!

I was tired, tired, tired, tired. Physically yes (because dispatch life, am I right? But that is for another email). I was tired of eating a treat and then making myself feel bad for eating the treat. But I kept doing it! It was a vicious cycle.

Later once I started learning and practicing mindfulness and healthier nutrition habits, I came to a realization! I did not have to live this way. So over time, I practiced (and continue to practice) choice. Before having a treat, I take a second to decide if I will eat it? If the answer is yes, I eat it as slowly as possible, I chew it as slowly as possible, and I enjoy it as much as possible. Enjoying every bit of it! And if the answer is no, I put it down. And that is the end of that. I am not saying this is easy. It is simple but requires so much practice and self-compassion and, in my opinion, can help us enjoy the holidays and every day at least a tiny bit more.

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